"Where is Jazz Going?" Brooklyn Apr 11

I'll be talking about "Where Is Jazz Going," as part of a  forum presented by the 

Saturday, April 10
2-6:00 p.m
Medgar Evers College
Mary Pickett Lecture Hall
New School of Business
1637 Bedford Ave. (the NE corner of Crown St)

(718) 953-5182

The forum, on the past and future of Jazz/African-American classical music in America and the world, is the  initial program of the Jazz and Justice project.  Participants include:
Moderator: Basir Mchawi,
             Producer-“Education at the Crossroads” (WBAI-99.5 Fm radio Thurs 7pm / Chairperson, International African Arts Festival
Invited Panelists:
  1. Rudi Mwongozi- CBJC member ,Jazz pianist, from Oakland California, innovator
  2. Donald Sangster- Chairperson, Andy Kirk Research Foundation, Jazz  Historian
  3. Howard Mandel- President, Jazz Journalist Association-Author “Miles Ornette Cecil; Jazz Beyond Jazz”
  4. Joanne Cheatham- Publisher, Pure Jazz Magazine
  5. Delridge Hunter- Prof. of History, Medgar Evers College,CUNY
  6. Grace Metivier- Chairperson, Wynton Kelly Jazz Foundation
  7. Yoichi Uzeki- Pianist, Instructor in Jazz studies at York College,Queens